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Why Shop for Supplements at a Health Food Store?

Why would you consider shopping for supplements in a health food store, when you can buy supplements at your pharmacy, big box store, grocery store, online, discount store, etc.?

They are cheaper at the aboyou are paying less for fewer capsules or tablets and hence it is often cheaper but when you calculate the cost of each capsule or tablet, you are often paying double.   I had a customer who gave me the above excuse and when he brought in his receipt with products bought elsewhere, we compared equal supplements and found that each dose was twice the cost, even though he paid less initially.

The quality is more often the case for a higher price point.  Quality is the main aspect of a product, in that more often than not the product sold elsewhere is synthetic. Synthetic is manmade, not made by nature and the body has a hard time digesting, absorbing and utilizing synthetic ingredients.  That is like saying motor oil is the same as olive oil, other than the processing.  Many synthetic supplements often cause more harm and one should be careful with dosage as it can create havoc with your health.  That is not the issue with natural ingredients.  Yes, one can take too much of anything and it can cause health issues, but one needs to be reasonable and or get professional advice when taking therapeutic doses of anything.

You are also getting qualified advice when you shop at a health food store.  The staff is often knowledgeable, passionate in their profession and willing to help.  You will get time, understanding and the best recommendations without having to guess in a lot of cases as to what is best for you.  There is ongoing training, keeping up with what is new in the industry and upcoming new products. You will get printed information, brochures, or terrific advice when you inquire about a health issue or just looking for the best quality money can buy.  There is an assortment at different price points to choose from as opposed to what the big box or mass stores that they get the best line listing.  Staffing is almost non -existing or not educated as they don’t have the need to pay for it at the large retailers. Many independent health retailers are aware of pricing in the industry and give better deals than what you would pay in mass.

So why would you buy your supplements anywhere else? Check out your local health food store and compare the service, products and pricing.  You may be very surprised. 

Stop by Georgian Health Foods and let our knowledgeable staff help you by finding the supplements that will best help you achieve your optimum health.

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Collingwood Health Food Store

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