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Stabilized Allicin

Garlic is one of the most famous of all plants in human history and dates back to the times of the Pharaohs.  Its properties show that fungi, bacteria, viruses and protozoa are sensitive to crushed garlic. Garlic's unusual concentration of sulfur-containing compounds is in part due to its beneficial effects.

In 1944, an oxygenated sulfur compound called allyl sulfide was discovered and named Allicin, from the Latin name of the plant Allium Sativum. In 1947, researchers found high amounts of the oxygenated sulfur amino acid present in garlic cloves when crushed, and not so much in raw whole cloves. There is a wonderful process in the crushing of the cloves that has two properties present in the cloves themselves, which combine to become Allicin.  The Allicin has a very short half-life as they react with many surrounding proteins.  That is why when people say, "well, I'll just eat garlic cloves", what they fail to understand is that cooking kills all Allicin present and you could not eat enough garlic for therapeutic purposes as it would cause a lot of tummy trouble as well as garlic grown in substandard conditions, ones that are too large, too small, non organic, or ones that have sprouted are not able to convert to Allicin. 

Stabilized Allicin is what is concentrated and has broad spectrum, anti-infection properties as well as boosting immune system compounds. Very effective now for infections where superbugs have emerged due to overuse of antibiotics. Chronic acne, sinusitis, intestinal problems, prostate infections/cancer are being helped by this miracle compound.  Escherichia, Salmonella, Staph infections, Strep and a host of other bacteria are being eradicated including Hpylori. Ecoli, and other drug resistant bacteria are being wiped out.

Allicin is also showing effectiveness against parasitic, viral, and fungal infections including the common cold.

There is no smell associated with taking Allicin as opposed to eating the cloves and is safe in pregnancy and children over the age of 4.  

Testimonial and Case Study

What got me so excited about Allimax was a customer who came into my Wasaga Beach store and we spoke at length about his condition, which was Scleroderma.  (Scleroderma, is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease, that primarily affects the skin and is characterised by sclerosis which is a hardening of the skin.)

He was diagnosed some years before and the disease was progressing rapidly in that he had trouble eating, breathing and handling anything as the skin on his hands and face was becoming tighter and tighter and preventing him from just existing let alone leading a vibrant life.  He is still young. Looking at him, I could not tell he had the condition, until he showed me his hands and they had some of the features of scleroderma and that was when he started to tell his story.

 It turns out that trying the medications, were not preventing the disease from spreading, he was just being made "comfortable" and given a death sentence.  One does generally not outlast the disease and he was told there is no cure. Starting to do his own research, he found that it was in fact a virus that activates the auto immune condition.  He tried a strong antibiotic and started to have success in that he began to remiss.  Being on long term antibiotic use has its own drawbacks.  He started having side effects from the antibiotics.  A quandary if he ever had one;  Get better using the prescriptions and deal with the side effects, or stop using them and go back to the condition returning?  

His research led him to Allimax, a stable garlic which will work like the antibiotic without the harming properties associated with them. His condition started to improve. His facial features began to return to normal and the effects receded.  He was reversing his autoimmunity.  Gradually he returned to "normal" per se.  

I found this very intriguing.  As many of you know me, I am very much into research and looking for ways to help others.  I am presently taking a course of Allimax to the tune of 9 caps, 3 times a day.  Stay tuned and I will keep you posted on events.

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